Olive’s 1 Month Update + Puppy Guide

olive's 1 month update, puppy, dog, golden retriever

It’s been 1 month since we’ve brought Olive home! She’s grown so much already, it’s crazy. She fits in perfectly with our family and we love her so much! I want to share how we got her and everything we use to care for her, teach her and provide any tips that might help you with a puppy of your own!

How We Got Her

olive's 1 month update, puppy, dog, golden retriever

We had been on the hunt of a puppy for awhile now. It was between a Golden Retriever or Australian Shepard. So I had been doing some research on different breeders in the area, looking into shelters, etc… A lot of puppies I was coming across were wayyyy out of our budget or they were getting adopted so fast! I found a family that were selling Australian Shepard puppies that were affordable and local. But in the end we decided we wanted a Golden Retriever because they aren’t as energetic and hyper. We are chill people and Golden’s are just that, chill!

On Friday, March 27th, I went on Craigslist and found Golden Retriever puppies for sale and for half the price of what I had been seeing around. I convinced my husband to let me reach out and ask if they had anymore puppies available. I received a text back and it said that there’s 1 female left and to call! I immediately called. We chatted for a while and planned to meet half way to pick her up. I drove an hour and a half to get her and right when I saw her I fell in love. Side note: we did not have anything ready for a puppy. No food, no bed, no nothing! It was kind of a spur of a moment thing!

olive's 1 month update, puppy, dog, golden retriever

olive's 1 month update, puppy, dog, golden retriever

They told me she was the runt of the litter so she was SO tiny! She did awesome in the car ride home, slept the whole way. Now we are a family of four!

olive's 1 month update, puppy, dog, golden retriever

Puppy Food + Treats

olive's 1 month update, puppy, dog, golden retriever, blue buffalo, full moon training treats, dental bones

1 // Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy Formula

This is what we have been using since we’ve got her. I’ve read about all different kinds of puppy food to use and this has great reviews. It has great ingredients and is working well with Olive. I’m not a vet so if you have any questions, reach out to your vet and they should be able to provide you a list of puppy/dog food. This brand wasn’t on the list of known canine heart disease or health risks. So if you are concerned with any brands, I encourage you to reach out to a vet. All opinions are my own!

Eating Schedule

6:30/7am: Breakfast (1/2 cup)

11:30am/12pm: Lunch (1/2 cup) + 3-5 training treats

4:30/5pm Dinner (1/2 cup) + 3-5 training treats

*Refer to the back of your dog food to see how much to feed your dog! It’s based on their age and weight.

2 // Full Moon Training Treats

Olive loves these! I mean she’s a dog and loves everything. I use these to train her. She currently knows how to sit, lay down, shake and almost roll over! She just needs a little nudge. These have great ingredients! All opinions are my own.

3 // Blue Buffalo Dental Bones (Mini)

I also use these for training. She usually gets a half after lunch and dinner. Now that she is older and weighs more I could probably give her a whole one! She’s obsessed with these. She knows the difference between these and the others and goes nuts when she smells them!


olive's 1 month update, puppy, dog, golden retriever, earthbath, puppy shampoo, grooming wipes, pogi's

1 // Earthbath Puppy Shampoo

I give Olive a bath once or sometimes twice a week depending on how dirty she gets! Our backyard has some muddy spots and she like to roll around in that. I always bathe her if we go to the dog park. This shampoo leaves her coat soft and shiny. Free of toxins, phosphates and enzymes which is needed for sensitive puppy fur/skin! Other scents available as well.

2 // Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

Essentially what these are, are baby wipes! These really help when she has dirt in her paws. She’s not a fan of getting her paws cleaned but these are soft and gentle on her paws, leaving them fresh and clean! I usually dry her paws off with a towel but these help get them really clean! Hypoallergenic and great ingredients! Also, come in a scented pack.


olive's 1 month update, puppy, dog, golden retriever, target, puppy toys, chew toy, kong

1 // KONG SqueakAir Tennis Ball Dog Toy 

These are the only 3 toys we have bought her. She loves all the cat toys right now! We have these squishy cat nip ball toys that she loves so these tennis balls are small so she can actually hold them. They squeak as well which she hasn’t quite figured out how to do! These are great for a puppy!

2 // Unicorn/Llama Chew Toy

We have the llama one! I couldn’t find the link to that one but the unicorn one is cute too. She loves her llama! It has a squeaker and makes crackling noises. I would highly recommend this one for a puppy! This is her go to toy.

3 // Dog Rope Toy

Every dog needs one of this! This one she loves to play with my husband. We have 2 of these. One for outside and one for inside.


olive's 1 month update, puppy, dog, golden retriever

1 // Retractable Dog Leash

I like these better than just a regular leash! Gives her a little more freedom to venture. I’m not so strict on her having to be right next to me. We are working on her being off the leash right now!

2 // Harness

I bought the size small in this! Works great and I like that it’s fabric so it’s a little more comfy for her. I’ll be getting this again but in the bigger size! Soon she will outgrow the size small!

3 // Camera

This is definitely not necessary to have but it’s actually been super helpful! We have it mounted in the bathroom where she sleeps so we can watch her and see what she’s up too! This has been helpful with potty training. We wake up every 2-3 hours to take her potty at night but this allows me to see if she’s awake. If she’s not awake we leave her sleeping, this allows her to hold in her pee. Since her bladder is still developing! It rotates 360 degrees and moves up and down. It also has an option to talk which I have used to tell her to lay down and go to sleep! And she listens (sometimes, haha).

4 // Collapsible Dog Bowl

Since we go on many walks and sometimes long ones, this is great to have so she can take a break and drink some water. It comes with a carabiner so it can hook on to her backpack.

5 // Frisco Poop Bags + 2 Dispensers

We bought this in bulk! Comes with 900 bags and 2 dispensers. We have one dispenser hooked on to the leash. We are set for awhile!

6 // Dog Protective Cover

We do a lot of camping and outdoor activities so Olive will definitely be getting dirty. This will for sure come in handy so our car doesn’t get destroyed!

Potty/Tricks Training

When we first got her we took her out every 1-2 hours during the night. She had a couple accidents but now she doesn’t have any during the night! I’ve been home since we’ve got her so I am able to watch her like hawk. I can tell when she has to go. Her cue is she takes a drink of water beforehand so that gets me ready to take her outside! She goes to the door now when she has to go so she’s learning! We wake up every 3-4 hours now to take her out.

Trick training has been actually fairly easy! She’s super smart and takes her about 2 days to grasp it. She knows how to sit, shake, lay down and now roll over! Just be patient, consistent and make sure to have lots of treats!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and helps you with your puppy! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

As always, all opinions are my own!


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