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Gift Guide: Small Business

With so many lockdowns and restrictions happening, small businesses are suffering. This year it’s my goal to shop local and/or small for Christmas gifts. It’s a tough year but I think this is another way we can help support and care for one another. Most of these I have bought from before! 1. BrookStacks // These are the book stacks with names! I got these for several people and they are so cute. I love that this can be an ongoing gift. 2. Lauren Mackenzie Decals // I have 2 of these cups, the hot & cold one! Pretty much all the cups are customizable. 3. ReImagine Brewing // These are the custom beer openers! We did these as grooms men gifts for our wedding. They also have other custom woodwork!

Gift Guide: Under $10

I did a poll to see which price point I should do next and under $10 won! I’m surprised how many cute things I found for just under $10! So here’s a gift guide of fun gifts under $10. Which price point should I do next? 1. Socks // Obviously socks have to be on here! I love getting socks as a gift. These look super cozy. Comes in more colors! 2. Kitchen Towels // You can never have too many kitchen towels! Love the stripes and color. They do come in more color options. 3. Coffee Mugs // Comes in a set of 2. These are so simple and pretty. Definitely have my eyes on these!

Gift Guide: Under $30

It’s that time of the year again! My goal this year is to share gift guides by price point. With this crazy year, money might be tight for you so I want to share gifts that are reasonably priced so you don’t to worry about spending a lot! I know when I shop for gifts the price is the first thing I look at! 1. Glass Coffee Mugs // Glass coffee mugs are super popular right now! I like how cute and plump these look. Comes in a set of 6! 2. Marble Spoon Rest // I love me a good spoon rest! I like how big and wide this one is and marble is such a classic look. This one would go with any kitchen style! 3. Dutch Oven // This is on my Christmas list! I’ve been wanting a dutch oven for so long. This one is cute and the white is such a clean look. Again, will go with any kitchen style!

Gift Guide: Under $50

Have you started gift shopping? So far I have bought one gift! This was the next highly requested price point to make. I hope you enjoy and this gives you ideas when you shopping! 1. Popcorn Maker // I love how cute and small this is! Easy to store and clean. Perfect gift for a family! 2. Waffle Maker // I have this one! It makes a perfect square waffle, easy to clean and store. I have a lot of Hamilton Beach kitchen products and they all work great! 3. Pour Over Coffee Maker // A perfect gift for coffee enthusiasts! Sometimes it’s fun to switch up how you make your coffee instead of drip brew coffee all the time. 4. Candle Holder // This is so pretty! I love the antique look. Will go with any theme!