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Gift Guide: Under $10

I did a poll to see which price point I should do next and under $10 won! I’m surprised how many cute things I found for just under $10! So here’s a gift guide of fun gifts under $10. Which price point should I do next?

1. Socks // Obviously socks have to be on here! I love getting socks as a gift. These look super cozy. Comes in more colors!

2. Kitchen Towels // You can never have too many kitchen towels! Love the stripes and color. They do come in more color options.

3. Coffee Mugs // Comes in a set of 2. These are so simple and pretty. Definitely have my eyes on these!

4. Assorted Christmas Ornaments // I always forget that Christmas ornaments are such great gifts during the holidays. They are so pretty and this is a gift that is used every single year! Plus they are super affordable and you can buy more than one to give. I found these ones and I think are so pretty. Tree Ornament // Pine Cone Ornament // Honeycomb Ornaments

5. Eucalyptus Plant // I have this and it’s such great quality for only $5!

6. Cheese Board // My husband and I have been really into charcuterie boards (assortment of meat, cheese & fruit). So I think this would be a nice gift for a couple!

7. Pot // Love this design of this pot. Perfect for a plant!

8. Ceramic Pot // Another great pot! Love the neutral color.

9. Salt & Pepper Shakers // I just bought myself salt & pepper shakers because I did not own any. So I thought I should add these to the list. These are a perfect neutral color and I like that they are labeled.

10. Coffee Mug // You can never have too many coffee mugs! I thought this design was so pretty.

11. Candle Wax Warmer // I have two of these and love them! A nice alternative to candles. You can leave this on plus it works as a nightlight as well!

12. Candle // I will always be happy if I get a candle as a gift! Comes in many scents.

13. Candle Wax Melts // These are for the wax warmer. Comes in many scents!

14. Oven Mitts // Again, you can never have too many oven mitts! I think these are so cute. Comes in more colors!

15. Slippers // I have a very similar pair of these and love them! Super soft and cozy. Comes in more color options!

16. Storage Canister // Love the simplicity of this! Can be use for coffee, sugar, flour or whatever you want.

Thanks for shopping!


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