Gift Guide: For Grandparents

Sharing some great gifts for the grandparents! When it comes to grandparents, I am on the struggle bus trying to figure out what to get them. So I hope these ideas help you have a fun and easy time shopping! ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Wood Bird House // Okay, I don’t know about your grandparents by mine love to sit and watch birds comes and go, haha! This one is so cute.

2. Country House Bird Feeder // I actually got this one last year for my husband’s grandparents because they always complained dang squirrels kept eating the bird feed and scaring them off. What is awesome about this bird feeder is it’s squirrel proof!

3. Grandkids Sign // This is such a great personalized gift!

4. Grandpa’s Garage Sign // Perfect gift for a grandpa that is always in his garage! I got my dad something similar to this last Christmas!

5. Apron // We all got that grandpa who is the grill master or an uncle hahaha!

6. Do Not Disturb Socks // Okay, this is hilarious and SO TRUE!! I am definitely getting these for my husband’s grandpa. These are great!

7. Grandpa Coffee Mug // You know they love their coffee. I love this one!

8. Grandma Coffee Mug // Being at grandma’s is always the best! This mug is so sweet.

9. Grandma’s Sippy Cup // So fun and cute! My grandma loves her brandy and coke so definitely a good one!

10. Grandma’s Sippy Tumbler // Grandma’s get wild! But this one could be for water haha ๐Ÿ™‚

11. Cutting Board // This is another personalized gift that would be perfect for decor in her kitchen!

12. Makeup Bag // Cute makeup/travel bag for any grandma’s heading out of this cold weather in the midwest!

Let me know if you grab any of these!



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